Welcome to the EJP Boutique- an experience unlike any other. 

From start to finish, I'm there- as much or as little as you need me.  Struggling with outfits?  I'm at your house, picking out your wardrobe... yes, I've done it many times.  Don't have anything to wear?  I'm going shopping with you or sending you links from your favorite stores, picking out pieces I recommend based on our consult, helping you buy shoes for your toddler or loaning you a boutique dress I've bought for my own girls.  I'm creating your amazon cart, or we're heading to the mall together.  

It's super important to me to talk to my clients so I can style not only your outfits, but your ideal location.  I'm not going to take you to the heart of the city if you love your small town vibe.  I'm not going to take you to a graffiti haven if you're a boho queen.  I'm getting to know your family's personality, style, likes and dislikes, and choosing a location that represents you and/or your family, depending on the session type we do.  If you don't need my help with wardrobe, no worries.  If you do or you're insecure with yourself (as so many of us are), find solace in knowing I was a fashion obsessed teen who had dreams of design school, and can dress any body type to shine on camera.  God has blessed me with eyes that only see the beauty through my lens, and it's my goal to show you how gorgeous you and your family are.  Need a hair and make-up artist recommendation?  Got you.  Have a sentimental location you want to use?  Sold.  Just want me to pop by your house?  Let me know what time works best!  The entire business model of EJP is the same as that of a boutique... customized, limited availability, one of a kind sessions that just speak to your soul... and everyone's who sees your photos.  So.. after we pick out your outfits, location, and on our scheduled date do our session, then what?

The fun part!  After I've lightly edited your best images, I come to your home or we do an online zoom ordering session to help you visualize how every print and size will look based on your favorite photos.  This is where you will not only pick out the digital images that come with your package, but make any additional purchases.  I offer digital packages, images in fine art print, glass, metal and wood prints, photo albums and books, and packages that have a little bit of everything.  This job isn't just me coming to push a button and saying "cheese".  It's about creating a memory of a time in your life when *this* was your family, or this was you.  My photos aren't just photos, they're art that I take full pride in and create knowing they'll passed down for many generations.  

So what kind of sessions do I offer?
High-end Luxe Toddler (boutique imagery)
Product/Business (please inquire about a quote)
Influencer/Content Creator

If you have any other requests/needs, don't hesitate to ask.  I have photographed everything from music events to hotels to annual reports.  I no longer have a studio as I'm known as "the girl with a camera", and like to make my art with my surroundings.  I do not offer studio work/studio headshots, but do offer modern headshots and business branding.  Female business owner?  Make sure to let me know, as there's a bonus in there for you :)

The Good Stuff- Pricing & Packages

The Light Experience:
Consult, 30 minutes of shooting in one outfit for you, your toddler, or your family.  Online proofing gallery where you'll select 10 of your favorite photos that will be edited and uploaded in a downloadable link where you can print or share digitally.  These are great for busy littles with short attention spans, or if you want to get something with just one outfit and it be quick and painless.  We chat, have fun, take photos and voila!  


The Ultimate Classic (most popular):
Wonderful for larger groups, older families, engagements/seniors/etc who may want to do 2-3 outfits, move around a larger location for more variety in backgrounds, or have a more full experience.  This session comes with 20 digital images, fully edited, and chosen from your online gallery once proofs are posted.  This one lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your group/outfit changes.

The Extended (Influencer/Branding/Senior) Session:
Our consultation is super important on this one, as we'll spend time talking about the perfect locations and styling for your shoot that best represents you, your brand, or the content you create.  We have about two hours of shooting in which you can change as many times as you'd like.  I choose locations that are diverse and populated so you have TONS of unique content, and you receive 40 digital images with this session with standard retouching, as well as 5 of my high end art edits that are great for hanging in your office, using on your business card or as the header on your website!  


Wedding packages begin at $2500 and are custom quoted based on each individual need. I do very limited weddings per year, so it is best to inquire as early as possible.

  Shoot Jaime an e-mail at [email protected], or give me a call at 502-938-3662.