Welcome to the circus of photography!  It's just my camera and me, a brain that doesn't slow down, a thousand ideas and ten thousand words for every photograph I take.  I fell into photography by accident, taking classes as electives with goals of becoming a lawyer.  Funny how things work, eh?  My Louisville based EJP family (yes, I'm guilty of hugs and new family members; you're never just a client) has seen me through some crazy times, but I'm still thriving, still loving this wonderful career, and so ready to capture your family!  I adore our community, and feel I know most of our city, so being trusted to capture the moments of your life is an honor.

I am a mom to a beautiful 7 year old and an auntie mom to the sweetest almost 5 year old, with my first title of aunt bringing me 3 other nieces and a nephew.  To say I'm obsessed with those kids is an understatement... oops.  I tend to talk to like a sailor (I will not around your family or children, I promise!), I will absolutely meet you for a cocktail, I will help you figure out which spanx to get and you'll be laugh-crying by the end of your boudoir session when you book with me.  I've fallen down many times while shooting... once in a fountain of holy water in a Catholic church.  My clumsiness is inherited, I get it honestly.  I will wear my beautiful sundress, hike it up and tuck it in my underwear, wrap your horse's reigns around my arm, and go 4 feet into the lake to get a picture of you in your dress.  I will climb in creeks, get kicked out of parks, ask forgiveness when I can't find out who to ask permission to, and the hour we spend together will go way too fast. I am real. I am honest. I overshare. But my business *is* my life, and my clients are friends... hell, there've been times my oldest has come with me on shoots. Don't be surprised if you get to meet the two little girls that made me an overnight parent.  My oldest likes to help me make little ones smile.  Entrepreneur in training :). I love to work with people who realize I am human and allow me to be so.  And as much as you share your family with me, every once in a while you'll get a blink into mine. My girls are my world, after all. I do not care how your family is made from as long as it's made from love.  I still want to capture you.  <3

Some fun facts... I am a karaoke junkie, and having had standing ovations is sadly something I'm way too proud of. ha! I love road trips. I love to kayak I am a water baby... and there's nothing more peaceful than swimming so far out in the ocean and just floating in the waves. <3. I'd love to live in Charleston, SC or somewhere in the PNW some day!

I closed my studio as 99% of my clients valued and requested my outdoor "magical" work, so I listened.  Call me the nomad photographer.  Some day I dream of owning a silver Airstream decked out in pink and as boho as they come, offering sessions in big cities around the USA.  For now, I just have to travel the old fashion way!  If you're in another city, still reach out.  I travel a lot and would love to work with you!

I am transparent with my process.  Due to single parenting, I can take 48-72 hours to respond to messages (not including business days), my proofing time is a bit longer than average, and I have such a tedious editing process for final images that when the art part gets to happen, I take as long as I need to perfect an image.  I know many photographers turn photos around in 2-3 days, but I am guilty of layers and layers and even more layers of editing.  Sometimes I'll have 10 edits of one photo... variety is my nemesis!  I can spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours on one image.  I am patient and welcome any and all questions you may have about the process, your clothing, even some random 2am question.  I ask for your patience while I perfect your art :)

Thanks for reading my silly little "about me".  But I definitely want you to get a feel for the goofball photographer you'll be working with, so there's no surprises :). Can't wait to meet you!